They Don’t Want to Take Your Guns (At Least Not Publicly)

Ok, let’s get into something everyone is talking about… gun rights… first let me stake some simple positions I have on the subject…

  1. I am in favor of gun ownership. I do not believe in ‘assault weapons’ and the idea that ‘no one needs that kind of firepower’ because my belief in the 2nd comes from the idea that guns are not just to provide for sporting and hunting but also self defense from the wood-be home invader all the way up to the Russian foot solider. Granted, an AR-15 is not the best choice against an AK-47… but it’s a hell of alot better than a bolt action .308 Remington.
  2. I am in favor of criminal background checks. You want a gun, yes we should check to make sure you are not a whack job.
  3. I am NOT in favor of mental health checks. Do you know why? Because they will not clearly lay out what excludes someone in black and white. It will be a big ass gray area and they will make it fit anyone and everyone they don’t like. It’s already happening in New York with SSRI’s … if you’re on one you can’t have a gun. So that’s fair. Seek help for mental conditions but give up your constitutional rights first.

Ok, now let’s get into it. First of all, like I said above, the 2nd is not about hunting deer for food and plinking with your grandpa’s .22 … it’s about giving you a defense against a tyrannical government or foreign invader. Let me tell you a little story… Back in 1775 their were some colonists which were under the direct control of a government far across the ocean. Under this government, they were being forced to buy specific products, force to pay taxes on many daily items which were deemed essential, and when they spoke up in anger about this, they were told they could no longer assemble or speak out. In essence, they were told to sit down, shut up, and keep paying their taxes. Well, they didn’t like this. As they became more and more restless, this government decided to send troops to control the situation. As part of that control, they wanted to seize their weapons. On April 19th of that year they tried in a little town called Concorde. They kinda got their butts kicked. When our Founding Fathers laid the foundation of this nation, they foresaw the possibility another government, even their own creation, could one day do this. Hence, the 2nd. So here’s come the argument, “Well the Founding Fathers never dreamed of the fire power we have today…” — maybe so. But they did not dream of the Internet, PC’s, smart phones, TV, social media, etc… etc… etc… What you had was a military which had cannons, ships and muskets; and a civilian militia that had the same. Of course the British muskets, ships and canons were better… but they were at least on the same playing field. So, as the weapons the government develops escalates, so too should the civilian arsenal. This is how you maintain balance. Do I think right now a group of men with AR-15’s could stop a squad of Marines? Hell no. But at least they have a chance with an AR-15. Give them a .22 or a bolt action 5 shot rifle and they wouldn’t last 10 seconds.

Now let’s examine this notion about school shootings. There is a statistic being thrown around that 21 weeks into the year there were 23 school shootings… but they NEVER mention what these events were. So let me break it down for you:

1/4 – Seattle WA, unidentified shooter fires shots into the administrative offices, no injuries.
1/10 – San Bernardino CA, shots fired through a window, no injuries or arrests.
1/10 – Denison TX, a student fired a weapon that belonged to an advisor believing it was unloaded – no injuries.
1/10 – Seirra Vista AZ, a student shot himself in the bathroom and was pronounced dead.
1/15 – Marshall TX, gunshots fired from a vehicle in the parking lot into a dorm – no injuries.
1/20 – Winston-Salem NC, a 21 year old shot and killed during a fight at a party on school grounds after school hours.
1/22 – Italy Texas, a 16 year old student opens fire in a school cafeteria. One wounded, no deaths.
1/22 – Gentilly LA, a known person fired shots at a student from a vehicle and fled the scene. One injured, no deaths.
1/23 – Benton KY, a 15 year old student opened fire killing 2 and inuring 18.
1/25 – Mobile AL, a student fired a handgun into the air during a fight with another student. No injuries.
1/26 – Dearborn MI, shots fired during a fight in a school parking lot. No injuries.
1/31 – Philadelphia PA, a fight during a basketball game resulted in a 32 year old man being killed outside the school.
2/1 Los Angeles CA – a 12 year old student accidentally fired a handgun he brought in injuring 4.
2/5 – Oxon Hill MD, a student was shot and injured in the parking lot after hours during an attempted robbery.
2/5 – Maplewood MN – a 3rd grader pressed the trigger of a law enforcement officers’ gun – no injuries.
2/8 – New York NY, a student fired a gun into a floor with no injuries.
2/14 – Parkland FL, a 19 year old former student opens fire and kills 17 injuring 14.

So you want to talk slanted data? Of the 17 incidents I listed, 3 are what I would call a school shooting. The remaining 14 were either accidental or just occurred on school grounds.

So, let’s talk law. Of those above incidents where we have the age and the child/student was actually in possession of the gun (and to be clear I am only counting instances where the was an actor in possession), 3 of the 4 were under 18 which means they should not have had a gun in the first place… law #1. No one should be bringing a gun into a gun free zone like a school… law #2. Last time I checked, murder was illegal… law #3. Guns are supposed to be locked up and not accessible to children… law #4.

But rather than be logical, people rash to believe media hype and political talking points. How many of those incidents I listed above had a semi-automatic weapon? I checked. Here’s what I found:

1/10 Denison TX, This happened at a criminal justice school. A student mistook the instructors loaded firearm for a training weapon. Handgun.
1/22 Italy TX, a .380 handgun.
1/23 Benton KY, a .380 handgun
1/25 Mobil AL, handgun
2/1 LA CA, handgun
2/5 Maplewood MN, handgun
2/14 Parkland FL, AR

So of the ones where I could find the type of weapon used, 7 to be exact, ONE was an AR. So what have we established so far?

1) Kids had guns. Kids should not have guns. They cannot legally buy or possess them. Parents are require to lock them up and/or prevent access.

2) Guns are no supposed to be in schools. They a gun free zones which in nearly every state I can think of is a no no for guns.

3) Shooting people, murdering people, etc… is not allowed

4) Most of the reported ‘school shootings’ are bogus fluff

5) Most of the shootings involved handguns not rifles

But we all know this isn’t enough, so let’s get into statistics. The courts have upheld that a gun in common use cannot be banned. In 2012 it was estimated that there were around 110M rifles in the hands of Americans and of those about 10M were AR style rifles. 9%. Seems pretty popular to me. Did you know that there are about 300M guns in the hands of Americans? Let that sink in for a second.

But, of course that is not good enough. In 2016, 37K people were kill in motor vehicle crashes. That’s 101 people a day. In that same year, 15K gun related deaths were reported (all inclusive.) So just based on that, you are twice as likely to be killed in a car wreck as you are to be shot. Out of the 15K gun related deaths, on 383 were considered a mass shooting (mass shooting being defined as an incident where 4 or more people are shot not necessarily killed) which is about 2.5% of the gun related deaths. Of all the gun related deaths this year that I could get statistics on, 17 were from AR’s while the other 8795 were not.  Seriously; AR’s were 0.2% of the gun deaths. BUT the media and the political talking points want this gun banned because it may save 1 life. Seems to me there are alot more they could be going after.

And that brings up my final point, if this is about saving lives, why are we so focused on guns? I just showed you that twice as many deaths come from car accidents. 10,497 of those car accident deaths were from drunk drivers. So we could ban AR’s and save 0.04 people per day; or we could force automakers to put in a Breathalyzer on every car and save 28.75 people a day. But we won’t. It doesn’t fit the agenda.

So ban the AR’s, ban all the guns. Cain killed Abel with a rock; the terrorists use planes, vans, trucks, and pressure cookers. But, if we stop that one person from using an AR to kill, then it’s worth it. The other 28 people who die in the drunk driving accident should have been more careful right?


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